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Harvard, UPenn &  MIT Presidents MUST Resign for Allowing Calls for “Genocide Against Jews” on Campus

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Elite universities are highly financed incubators of anti-Semitism & anti-Americanism 


Let’s face it. If you are alive and breathing, you must have already come to the conclusion that we are now fully in the midst of Holocaust II. We take no great pleasure in reminding our readers that at least two years ago, we warned American Jews that the combination of the Progressive movement led by the likes of Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and AOC, together with other radical domestic Islamists were a threat to American Jews. Just tune your TV screens to Fox, Newsmax and One America News to see graphic images of tens of thousands of radicals flooding the streets of our nation, waving Hamas and Palestinian flags, chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” An outright call for genocide against Jews. The threats are for real!

And nowhere else is this a most dangerous movement then on our own college campuses. Young men and women, the future leaders of this country, not necessarily Muslim, are now lining up with their fellow college Islamists to intimidate, threaten and silence the Jews on campuses. Their demonstrations, marches and speeches at their schools, openly calling for violence on Jews is chilling. Please keep in mind that the most dangerous group to be found within thousands of our university campuses is the Students for Justice in Palestine, a Muslim Brotherhood founded organization that is at the heart of pro-Hamas demonstrations. They receive their orders directly from those primitive, savages who slaughtered 1,200 Israelis on October 7th. And they have extreme power within the universities which permit them to organize, mobilize and coordinate the hateful, dangerous rhetoric and actions of their campuses’ Jew haters.

And to add to this dangerous movement is the near total silence on the part of college administrators to stand up to condemn and take action to stop this spread of hatred. Enough so, to have our House of Representatives call on the leaders of three of the worst offending schools, Harvard’s president, Claudine Gay, Sally Kornbluth of MIT and Liz Magill of the University of Pennsylvania to answer key questions as to their silence in the wake of this hatred on their campuses. Their video’d responses were chilling.

The simple question addressed to all three: “Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate {your university’s} code of conduct or rules regarding bullying or harassment?” Their answers frighteningly,  seemed to all be out of the same textbook entitled, “Shameful Avoidance of Answering Embarrassing Questions.” Sort of like, “Taking the fifth.” They all said that it “It depends on the context and “whether the speech turns into conduct,” that leads to killing of Jews. In other words, until Jews are killed on their campuses, these outrageous threats to their students would be ignored. In effect they were waiting for actual Jewish dead bodies to litter their campuses until they took action. New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik was so stunned at these seemingly coordinated responses that she asked each of them the same question over and over again. They answered like robots.

And their support for a terrorist organization or movement is very serious matter. So much so, that we believe is too serious for university presidents to solve. It’s obvious that those testifying before Congress appear more concerned about placating the radical elements on their campuses. We note that many of these academic institutions receive our tax dollars through federal funding. So, please take note that Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1864, “prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance.” Title IV also covers, “violations based on religion.” In other words, if a university allows material support for a terrorist organization or discrimination against Jews, its federal financial assistance should be cancelled at once. That’s it!!

And let’s talk about the tens of billions of tax free dollars that these institutions have huddled away in their endowment funds. Harvard’s alone, exceeds $53 billion. Enough to finance Ukraine’s military for six months, at least. We’re calling for a congressional committee to look into taking away this tax exemption from universities that permit such as the Students for Justice in Palestine to operate on their campuses. This threat might force the administrators at these schools to take action to shut down all such violent, hateful, un-American, Jew hating student groups.

We’ve not heard of any KKK clubs at our universities but they would be banned as well. It’s also good news to hear of Jewish alumni at schools threatening to pull their funding for their alma maters if the schools tolerate hate groups. There’s nothing like threatening their money pot to move these radical schools to take action. We are delighted to finally hear that Jews are taking such matters seriously. About time! If such individuals wish to contact us, let them do so and we’ll publicly thank and acknowledge them.

These vapid responses of these three university presidents indicate the profound educational, moral and ethical failures that have insinuated themselves into our elite educational institutions and to their leaders’ lack of guidance and responsibility. These women must all resign or if they are reluctant to do so, then they should be summarily terminated by their respective university board of trustees. They have abysmally failed to provide the kind of leadership that is necessary to pushback against the onslaught of visceral Jew hatred and more to the point, all three are suffering from the sort of moral bankruptcy that we never thought possible.

We firmly believe that college campuses should be arenas for discourse and the free exchange of ideas. There should be no permission or toleration for violence or verbal abuse based on other students’ race, color or origin. And these three aforementioned university presidents do not deserve to remain in their prestigious positions if they permit, encourage and support hate groups on their campuses. It’s time to deal with such outrages right now! When they are obvious and open as they are. We promise to keep our eyes and pages open to any changes in this situation.

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