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Israeli citizen murdered in Dubai, stabbed 35 times

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By WorldIsraelNews.com Staff

Israeli citizen Rasan Shamsiah, 32, was murdered in Dubai Wednesday, Hebrew-language media reported.

A resident of Akko (Acre), a mixed Arab-Jewish city in the north, Shamsiah was stabbed 35 times, apparently regarding a longtime dispute between two families that led to the victim’s decision to flee to the Emirates.

Ma’ariv reported that members of rival families were aware of his plans and waited for him in Dubai.

The victim was known to Israeli police.

“The matter is known to the Israeli consul in Dubai and the department for Israelis abroad in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The circumstances of the case are being investigated by the local authorities,” Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.

Police in Dubai reportedly arrested suspects and updated the Israeli police.

Public Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir has vowed that his ministry would engage in “total war” to restore governance to Israel’s crime-ridden north.

In recent years, residents have suffered from a massive crime wave in the Galilee and Negev.

On Sunday, dozens of Arab-Israelis protested what they referred to as a lack of police response to crimes in their community.

The vast majority of serious crimes in the Arab community, such as murder, go unsolved, largely due to residents’ resistance to testifying in court and refusal to provide eyewitness testimony to police. Arab MKs often complain of racism and discrimination when police do engage in crackdown efforts in Arab towns and cities.


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