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Jewish Pro-Life Foundation Files Amicus Brief to SCOTUS in the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health case.

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Cecily Routman, president of the Jewish Pro-life Foundation, stated on Wednesday, Jewish Pro-Life Foundation files Amicus brief to SCOTUS in the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health case.

The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation has filed an Amicus brief to the Supreme Court of the United States in the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health caseThis is a Mississippi case banning abortions after 15 weeks gestation, except when there are risks to the life or physical health of the mother, or fatal fetal anomalies. Studies demonstrate that an unborn baby feels pain as early as 12 weeks gestation, if not earlier. As Jews, we appreciate this opportunity to argue for the protection of imperiled, innocent human life in the womb.


This is the first Amicus brief submitted by a Jewish pro-life organization to the Supreme Court of the United States. Our arguments provide the Justices with a Jewish, life affirming view much different than pro-abortion Amicus briefs usually filed by Jewish groups. Co-signers to our brief are the Coalition for Jewish Values, Rabbi Yakov David Cohen of Noahide.org, Bonnie Chernin, Founder of Jewish Life League, and Rabbi Chananya Weissman, Israel. Our filing was made possible by the pro bono assistance of the Justice Foundation.


The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation saves Jewish lives and heals Jewish hearts by providing the Jewish community with much needed pro-life education, Jewish friendly pregnancy care and adoption referrals, and healing after abortion. To read the Amicus brief, visit our online library at https://jewishprolifefoundation.org/library.


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